Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Erasing The Past

Sedar tak sedar, rupa-rupanya dah 9 tahun since I started blogging. Awal-awal dulu aktif lah jugak ber-blog. Almaklum, that was when leisure time was aplenty. Can't say the same now, but I hope, bila anak-anak dah semakin membesar, I'd have more time to spare. For now, I'm leaving things to take its own course. Gitu.

Throughout the years, I made some virtual friends through blogging. Friends I'd never met but whom I share things in common with. Friends whom I only knew through their writings in blog postings. Friends whom I had come to consider my 'click' within blogosphere. Friends who were just familiar "faces" online, a group of people I felt I belong to.

But lately, these friends seem to have disappeared. Mana you all pergi hah? It is depressing to see my blogroll list, for many of these blogs are no longer updated. Some have even been left, abandoned for more than 2 years. I wonder what happened to their owners. Maybe they have decided to stop blogging. Maybe some just don't feel the fun in it anymore. Or maybe they just wanted to focus on something else.

Whatever happened, wherever they are now, I wish them all the best. Only that for me, it feels like I have been abandoned. Left behind. Unwanted. (Mula la emo kan...)

To these virtual friends, I thank you for your company. And I apologize, for it is time I clean up my blogroll list and delete those inactive blog links. It was fun while it lasted, and I truly did enjoy your musings. But I do not want to live in the past.

Farewell, good people!

Yours truly,

Friday, November 28, 2014

Young Artists

Aktiviti menghilangkan bosan anak-anak pagi tadi...

Didn't feel like doing anything "strenous" today (read : malas) so I taped a piece of extra sized white paper to the floor, gave the kids crayons and let them spill their creative juice.

Think they spent a good hour or two scribbling away.

Boleh guna lagi idea ni for next time...

Add caption

Taking time to decide which colour (or maybe which hand?) to use.

Lukis "piming pul", katanya. That's "swimming pool" to you and me =)

Final outcome.
Y'all have a good weekend now!